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POLYETHYLENE INSULATION IN KENYA: Sound Insulation, Roof Insulation

Welcome to Kingsman Insulation the leading supplier of Polyethylene Foam Roof Insulation, wall insulation and Sound insulation within the Kenyan Market, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan. 

We have Polyethylene foam for the following applications in Kenya:

  • Roof Insulation (Roof Sisalation)
  • Wall Insulation
  • Ceiling (Attic) Insulation

What is Polyethylene Foam Insulation?

Polyethylene PE foam in Nairobi Kenya is a closed- cell foam that is very strong and resilient best suitable as a shock absorbing and an insulating material worldwide. Polyethylene foam results from a structure that contains millions of air bubbles which are sealed from each other. 

The enclosed Air makes it excellent in insulation purposes as air is a poor thermal conductor. Further, different from open-cell foams, polyethylene PE closed-cell foam is highly resistant to water and is strong and rigid making its able to return to its form after compression.

Its strength excellently provides cushion and security when used in packaging. The insolvent character of polyethylene foam in petroleum products and other solvents makes it more suitable an insulation material as well as in packaging.


Polyethylene foam products in Kenya come in the following forms: 

  • Polyethylene roof insulation (Roof Sisalation)- With Aluminium lamination
  • Polyethylene foam Flat roof insulation
  • Polyethylene foam wall insulation
  • Polyethylene sheets

A. Polyethylene Sheet (Roof Insulation)

Polyethylene foam is rolled into sheets that are used to prevent the transfer of heat from inside and outside the building through the roof (roof heat sisalation). 

In Kenya and East Africa, polyethylene foam for roof insulation comes laminated with aluminium foil on both or single side, there by increasing their efficiency in reflecting the radiant heat.

However, plain polyethylene sheets are used in various applications.


Polyethylene Foam With Aluminium Foil
Polyethylene Foam With Aluminium Foil
Polyethylene Foam Double Laminated Roll
Plain Polyethylene Foam Sheets

Sizes of Polyethylene Foam Roof Insulation in Kenya

As the leading polyethylene foam suppliers in Kenya, the following are the most popular sizes in the market.

  • Roof Sisalation (With aluminium foil lamination)-
    • 2 mm thickness x 1.8m wide cut to your preferred sizes
    • 3 mm thickness x 1.8m wide cut to your preferred sizes
    • 5 mm thickness x 1.8m wide cut to your preferred sizes
    • 10 mm thickness x 1.8m wide cut to your preferred sizes

B. Polyethylene Foam Flat Roof Insulation (Sound and Heat Insulation)

Polyethylene foam are used buildings with several floors as sound and thermal insulation.

The flat roof insulation sheets are are thick and are preferred for container insulation, ceilings and other places offering an excellent thermal and sound shield. 


Polyethylene Flat Roof Insulation

Sizes of Polyethylene Foam Flat Room Insulation

The following are the main polyethylene foam flat roof insulation in Kenya and East Africa.

  • 25 mm thickness (Aluminium lamination) x 2m long x 1.8m wide
  • 25 mm thickness (without lamination)x 2m long x 2m wide
  • 50 mm thickness (Aluminium lamination)x 2m long x 1.8m wide
  • 50 mm thickness (without lamination)x 2m long x 2m wide
Polyethylene Foam Flat Roof Insulation

C. Polyethylene Foam Wall Insulation

Polyethylene foam in Kenya and East Africa is also being used in the insulation of walls for the purpose of thermal and sound insulation. 

Many offices, churches and residential houses are fitted with polyethylene foam wall insulation to make them warm during the cold season, make them cool during the hot weather and also enhance privacy. 

Styrofoam Wall Insulation

Polyethylene Foam Wall Insulation sizes in Kenya

The following are man sizes of wall insulation supplied by Kingsman Eng. & Industrial Insulation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania ad Rwanda.

  • 50 mm thickness (Aluminium lamination) x 2m long x 1.8m wide
  • 50 mm thickness (without lamination)x 2m long x 2m wide
  • 75 mm thickness (Aluminium lamination)x 2m long x 1.8m wide
  •  75 mm thickness (without lamination)x 2m long x 2m wide
  • 100 mm thickness (Aluminium lamination) x 2m long x 1.8m wide
  • 100 mm thickness (without lamination)x 2m long x 2m wide

Advantages of Polyethylene Insulation Foam

  1. Excellent thermal insulation:
  2. Low thermal conductivity of 0.0293 (W/m °K) (0.37 BTU-in/hr-ft
  3. Excellent Sound blocking properties: has a Sound Transmission Coefficient, (STC) value of 65 and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value of 0.85 which makes it the ideal product in blocking contact and airborne noise.
  4. Good Vibration Absorption:
  5. Excellent dimensional stability. Offers cushioning against repeated impacts
  6. Fire retardant: Self extinguishing
  7. Light, safe to handle and easy to install:
  8. Does not contain any synthetic fibers or other substances toxic to humans.
  9. Effective moisture barrier: remains unaltered when exposed

Common Uses of Polyethylene Insulation Foam in Kenya

There are quite a lot of applications of polyethylene foam. However, in Kenya the frequent applications of the product include the following:

  1. Roof Heat Sisalation: Due to its excellent thermal insulating capabilities, polyethylene foam is used on roofs to act as heat shields, waterproofing, and thermal insulation. These applications include homes, storage facilities and related applications.
  2. Sound-Proofing: Polyethylene is also used in music studios, soundproof rooms and homes due to its excellent sound-proofing capabilities.
  3. Packaging and Shock Absorption: PE is used as an innovative packaging method in Kenya today. It provides a cost effective and high performance packaging solutions such as shipping containers, food products and other delicate products.
  4. Insulation & Construction Foam: Polyethylene foam is excellent for insulating objects. Its flexibility allows for it to bend and insulate at the same time. Straight or flexible pipe insulation is a great example of PE insulating a product. The possibilities with PE foams are endless. For example, PE can be laminated to cloth material to create flexible soft coolers. PE foam can also be used to insulate an area that is exposed to solvents and other petroleum products. The material can also protect your product from undesirable temperatures.
Polyethylene Insulation in a Room
Polyethylene Insulation in a Room
Polyethylene Foam With Aluminium Foil
Polyethylene Foam With Aluminium Foil

For Polyethylene Foam Insulation Products at the best prices in the region call Us on 0733-524550 / 0720-847049 or via email: info@kingsmanengineering.co.ke

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