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Ceramic fiber/wool is a common refractory material that is contains heat resistant property. Primarily it is made of aluminum silicate which contains fibers made from molten glass and other polycrystalline fibers. The ceramic fiber insulation materials are made of various densities to offer complete thermal shock. Usually most ceramic fiber products are able to withstand temperature range of 1260oC to 1425oC. Ceramic fiber also has low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, and high resistance to tearing.

Applications of Ceramic Fiber in Kenya

  • Insulation of steam and gas turbines
  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Furnace, kiln and incinerators back-up insulation
  • Chimney insulation
  • Domestic oven insulation
  • Gaskets for high temparature gas liquid pumps, compressors and valves
  • As a heat shield for Automotive engines.
  • High temperature protective clothing such as gloves, boots, helmets, caps etc.
  • Linings of high temperature pipe joints, flue pipes