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We have in stock asbestos mill-boards for application in areas that need fire/heat resistance boards in Kenya and East Africa.

Our mill boards are fabricated from selected clean, long asbestos fibres of uniform quality assorted with suitable incombustible binding materials. These millboards are known for its features such as heat and fire resistance and strength.

Product Description

Features :

  • High temperature tolerance (400°C – 500°C)
  • Strength
  • Can easily withstand vibratory and impact load
  • Available in various grades
  • Acid, sound and vermin-proof
  • Strong and flexible

Applications :

The Millboard Asbestos offered by us find wide application in boiler and furnaces, catering equipment and steel, ferrous, non-ferrous plants. Various uses are stated below:

Boilers and Furnaces :

  • Bedding layers on floor tiles in boiler house.
  • Refractory underlining
  • Damper control heat insulators
  • Boiler door linings
  • Gaskets for burners and ducting

Catering Equipment :

  • Heating appliances such as Domestic, Cookers, and Grills
  • Flue gas and burner seals
  • Combustion chamber linings
  • Heat shield panels

Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Plants :

  • Steel and Aluminum making processes
  • Centrifugal casting seals
  • Induction furnace coil protection
  • Splash guards