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The metallic boiler gasket goes with various names depending on the country or region. In Kenya and East Africa countries, it is refered to as the metallic gasket while in some places it is known as graphite composite panels or high-strength graphite reinforced plate or sheet.

The metallic gasket is made of metal teeth sprint plate or flat sheet metal and pure graphite composite roll made of sealing material. Graphite composite plate inner reinforcing materials commonly used in ss304, ss316L or tinplate thickness 0.05 ~ 0.2mm, generally in the form of composite reinforced sprint plate, stencil composite reinforced, flat composite reinforced several.

It has a thermal stability, high strength and no cold flow characteristics, can be made into a variety of complex geometric shapes round and gaskets such as water gauge gasket, head gasket, exhaust pipe gaskets with ribs exchanger gasket is widely used.

Features of Metallic Gasket

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent in high or low temperature
  • Radiation resistant
  • Good compression resilient
  • Cost-effective sealing material
  • Suitable Operating Temperature -196℃-650℃

Use Media: acids, bases, steam, solvents and oil among others.

Metallic Gasket Application

  • Sealing parts of pipes, valves, Boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, pressure vessels, air compressors, condensers, generators, exhaust pipes, refrigerator and other flanges
  • Can replace asbestos and non-asbestos rubber seal materials.

Metallic Gasket Sizes in Kenya

The common metallic gasket sizes available in Kenya and East African market are sheets of 4ft by 4ft and 5ft by 5ft. The available thicknesses are 3mm and 4mm.  Reach out to Kingsman Engineering for price enquiries.