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Wind turbine or wind-driven ventilators are building ventilators that are powered by wind to create a suction force that draws out air or fumes from the building.  These roof vents are round metallic vents with fins in them, capable of rotating in just a small wind.

Roof vents in Kenya are mainly used to cool the buildings and or draw the humidity or fumes out of workplace halls, industrial buildings, churches and other places.


Wind Turbine Vents Cooling Mechanism

The mechanism used by the roof ventilators is simple:

  • Hot air produced inside the building is lighter, and rises up, near the roof. Fumes are also hot and they too rise to the roof.
  • On rotating, the wind turbine sucks out the warm air leading to a drop in temperature.
  • This allows fresh air to be drawn inside through the doors and windows.

To install the wind-driven ventilators and get the best results, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Wind velocity in the area
  • Size of the building
  • Environmental conditions
  • Activities taking place in the building

These factors will also determine the size of the ventilators and the number to put in a building.


Kingsman Eng. & Industrial Insulation Ltd is the leading supplier and installer of the roof ventilator fans in Kenya. We have a team of professionals who ensure professional installation of the wind turbine vents. We offer free advice and site visits to your premises to help you make the best decisions regarding the roof ventilation and air conditioning in general.