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Aluminium-Coated Asbsetos Cloth In Kenya

This product consists of aluminum foil and non-woven asbestos cloth. It’s smelliness and innocuous and its aluminum foil’s heat preservation and insulation characteristics enable this product have a variety of usages, most widely used as the interlayer material of boxes, bags and ice bags.

Thickness:  3mm

Refractoriness: 200-450°C

1 Warm preservation for pipes, heat insulation and water proof material of roofs.
2 Moisture barrier mat used on sand beach, for camping and traveling ^
3 Sun blocking for vehicles, sun light resistant cushion for motorbike, covers for cars and air conditioners.
4 Packing of home appliances, precision instruments, top grade porcelain and other arts and crafts.
5 Packing for variety of products including products requires cold storage

1 Clean, thin and lightweight
2 Outstanding safety, health and environmental benefits
3 Easy to install, high-efficiency performance
4 Cost-effective and versatile
5 Maintenance free