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Armaflex Adhesive Tape (Insulation Foam) In Nairobi Kenya

Kingsman Engineering Works is the leading supplier of Armaflex insulation tapes in Kenya. The tapes are used in pipe fittings, tight spaces, pipe bends and other places.

The closed-cell, fiber-free foam tape can be wrapped around pipes and valves building up layers of tape to create the proper insulation thickness to control condensation on cold piping, prevent heat loss on hot water, or prevent freezing on any pipes. Used this way, it will provide the same protection as Armaflex insulation.

The following are the major benefits of Armaflex tape insulation:

  • Closed-cell structure: the structure allows sealing out of air and water which makes a low transmittance vapor barrier on wrapping.
  • Easy to use: The tape is convenient to use. It sticks firmly and quickly in various surfaces such as metals, plastics, and rubbers and others.
  • Low thermal “k” – efficient insulating properties retard heat flow, keeping cold lines cold and hot lines hot.
  • Attractive appearance – clean, smooth, black surface gives insulated lines a neat, consistent appearance.